Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mommy Makeover

I kind of messed up this image I was trying to move it and ended up stretching it a little. these were after the makeover if you can't tell.

It's Sunday afternoon, Jeremy is on call and Taylor was just put down for a nap. Ella, Caden, and I have a good 2-3 hours to our selves. I am just coming down the stairs and Ella asks if we can play makeup. This usually consists of thick layers of lipstick and sometimes nail polish, I stall for time. Do I really want to "play makeup"? Ella, "Please mom your the only other girl in the house , so I can only play with you." Ok so how am i suppose to refuse that and still have a clear conscience. She has a good point. So I finally agree to "play makeup" and now caden wants to join in.

Ella; No Caden I am doing mom's makeup.

Caden: No, I could do her Hair.

Ella: good Idea

Ella proceeds to pull out all her lip gloss and lip stick, talking to me about what other 'patients' like , so what would I like.

I tell her she is the makeup artist and she grins and tries out a few different colors.

Ella: Hey Caden, How does this lipstick look with mom's skin.

Caden; good

she tried a new color, got some out side of my lips and on my teeth,

Caden: laughs, "you look like a clown"

Ella dabs it off of my face and does her best to get it off my face.

Caden ran upstairs to find a brush and he grabbed two bottles of spray gel. He asked me which I would prefer, one bottle was the real stuff the other filled with water. I choose the water filled bottle. Caden douses my hair with the "gel" and as he brushes says, "this is going to be so pretty." Later he sighs and says, "How do you get it straight?"

Caden finishes my hair and asks if I know where some lotion is.

Ella: Oh yeah you get a free massage, all our patients are so excited when they find out they get a free massage. they are like(she fans her face and in a high pitch voice) "A FREE MASSAGE!!!!

they do, they freak out." I love how her imaginary 'patients' get so excited about a free massage.

Ella and Caden proceed to paint my nails Caden does my toes and Ella my fingernails.

the makeover is complete, lots of glitter, sticky eyeliner from her makeup kit, and I lost track of how many coats of lip stick and lip gloss , and the cherry on top is the nail polish that covers not only mynails but the surrounding skin as well. And Caden wanted to make a pattern he says so he does a different color on each foot. The mommy makeover is finally complete. Why would I wnat to pass up something like this? We had a fun afternoon and Ella couldn't wait to show off her mad makeup artist skills to Jeremy when he got home. I am just hoping I don't have a major breakout because of the little kid makeup.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Caden's first lost teeth

Caden woke up this morning with out his second bottom tooth. He lost his first tooth on Saturday. Last night it was hanging on by a thread, so we are going to look for it in his room since it fell out during his sleep. He is talking with a little lisp since both teeth are gone now. He is doing really well in school, he also take an arts and crafts class on t&th, since preschool in only three days a week.

Ella is reading more and more. I am going to have to start going to the library with her. The books that she gets from her classroom are way too easy for her. Ella still asks to go swimming even though the water has been in the 70s lately, that is too cold for me, even after mowing the lawn yesterday. The weather has been so nice lately, we have been going to the park a lot lately.

Taylor is getting cuter everyday. He is talking more each day. Not that I understand it, but it's really cute. When you ask how old he is he holds his finger out and it looks adorable. He loves looking at his animal board books. I can't believe how long it entertains him.

Ella and Caden have been riding bikes and scooters with the neighbor kids. They are loving having other kids they can go and play with.

Jeremy's schedule has been horrible. This month he has been doing ob. This weekend we hardly saw him. He worked about 30 hours straight sat to sun. Then got home and slept until six or so. then had to go to bed early so he could wake up at 4 am. I'll be glad when this rotation is over, as will he.

Ok so I connected my camera and found the pictures, but when I try to look for them in blogger I don't know where to look. so Maybe Jeremy and I can figure it out later.

Hopefully soon I will have picture up.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I don't know why I put this off for so long, I check out other people's blogs almost everyday. I just don't really feel like writing when I am feeling so negative right now. I have been such a complainer lately, and haven't had my girls nights to get it all out, you know.
We seem to have finally figured out our pool, still a few quirks, but at least it hasn't turned green lately. I love having a pool, so do the kids. Its so nice to go and jump in after I have been in the garage or yard sweating to death, and then cool off so quickly. Thankyou Jeremy for only letting us look at houses with pools.
Caden just turned 5 last week, he loves telling people he is 5 now. I finally found the cord to post pictures, but I have not downloaded them yet so next time I will make that a priority. His cake was a baseball decorated with licorice as the stitching. So easy, then Ella tells me for her birthday, next week, she wants a barbie cake with the barbie in the middle. Which I have done for her but she was only 3. I said, can you choose a cake that is a little easier to decorate, so she said awl right. Thank goodness, just because I know how to do it doesn't mean I want to.
Ella has been going to school this week hasn't missed a day yet this week. The first two weeks it was such a struggle to get her to go. I talked with the principle and she was very understanding. so Monday she started in her new first grade class, which was a substitute for two days. Thank goodness she really liked the sub. Today the regular teacher was back, and Ella seems to like it. She wants me to take her to school everyday, so our next step is dropping her off without me having to walk her to class, then hopefully soon after she will take the bus. Lots of drama from this little one.
Night times have been my enemy lately. Jeremy has been working night shift going in at 5 and getting home around 7:30 or so. Only two more nights.Its crazy, it throws everything off for him, he averages about 5 hours of sleep and then eats two meals a day. I can't tell you how much I dislike the whole night time routine with my kids. It has never been heaven trying to get the kids to bed. Now I can't even describe it, I keep deleting everything I write. Ella is terrified of being alone at night. We were out of town she saw a scary movie and has not been the same since, and is rubbing off onto Caden, its totally lame.
Anyway, I know my girls all know what its like with our intern husband schedules, life gets a little stressful. I am looking forward to this one being over, but is ob going to be any better next month, we'll see.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Changes

Well we have been living in our new house for a little over a week now, I love our new house. It's very roomy. I love our pool but hate the learning curve that comes with it. I just went out to turn some stuff on and what I thought was pigeon poop this morning looks a little more like black algea tonight. I tried to scrub it up and its stuck good. Black algae is the worst kind to get rid of, so I am learning. So we haven't really been able to use the pool this weekend.
The kids have started school. Caden is in the same pre- school he was in last year, so he really likes it. Today was his birthday, so he was spotlight at school, he loved it, and he warmed up a little to our new primary yesterday, when they sang Happy Birthday to him. We just had a quiet little b-day party at home, and my brother and his family stopped be at cake time. since some cousins were there I think he felt like it was kind of a birthday party for him.
Ella started first grade last week. She is at a new school this year. THe school had a lot of late first graders sign up so they had to open another class. Her class has a long term sub until they can get a surplus teacher in the district for her class. It's not really working out for Ella. So hopefully we can do something about it soon and she'll be happy to go to school, instead of dreading it.
Taylor is jibber jabbering a ton. It is so cute. He loves it when he sees animals. He kind of calls everything a puppy. There was a young looking bird on the step right outside of our back door, that wasn't getting scared away. he was so excited about it, He kept making his puppy sounds. THe kids even had time to name it, he hung around for so long, they named the bird Zeke.
Jeremy's schedule continues to be crazy. He is working nights for the next couple of weeks.
As for me I was still unpacking our stuff, when I was called into YW's. I am sure it will be fun, especially when we get a little more settled in.
Life has been full lots of changes in the last little bit, but we are up for the challenge.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Almost Moving Day

Tommorow is the first half of our big moving day. We are moving out of our generous hosts house, jeremy's brother Ryan and his wife julie. Our first night in our new house we are just goiing to sleep on the floor on sleeping bags and stuff. We would stay another night, but Ella has meet the teacher night and Caden's 2nd day of school is Friday(he missed the 1st day). We will be moving everything out of our mini Friday afternoon. And finally be able to settle into our new house. We are really excited to be getting into a house that is about twice as big as our old house.

my first post

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