Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zachary's Blessing Day

January 4th after the weddings we decided to add to the mayhem and have Zachary's baby blessing on Jan. 4. Otherwise we would have waited until March, because of Jeremy's work schedule.

Taylor giving Zachy some loves before bed.

Caden loves babies especially his baby brother.

Grandma Muriel and Grandpa Kirk

Grandpa Mackey and Zachary

Aunt Tristine and Zachary looking cute

Uncle Sam getting some time with Zac

Luckily we got a few pictures on his blessing day. Jeremy went upstairs to change out of his suit as soon as we got home, so I feel completely jipped out of the proper blessing day pictures I should have had. Didn't even get individual pics of Zac with that many people. Can you sense the bitter taste in my mouth for not having been more diligent with the camera. Guess we were too exhausted to think of taking pics.

Zachary was just chillin while everyone ate.

Sophia, Rachel, Sydney, Zachary, and Wesley. This is the new crop of babies in my family. I think we can say crop when in Tay Tay's year there were 7 born. This time there were six arrivals within a years time. This was taken at Julia's reception but Jake and Rindy had to leave before the reception so we are missing our cute little Whitney.

Wedding Week

The last week of December and first couple days of January were very busy celebrating my sisters weddings. Both were beautiful and so much fun.

Julia and Kevin had a beautiful reception and a very fun cake. They did cupcakes and needed a cake top so they could do the traditional feed each other cake. Taylor and Caden loved being able to eat as many mini cupcakes as they could handle.

I can't believe how big Zac has gotten since the weddings. He is so dang cute.

Julia and all the girls.

Shirley and Mike got married on Dec. 30.

We all had fun at her reception too.

Jeremy and Zac visit with Grandma and Grandpa Lee.

This was the first wedding cake I've ever decorated. I think it turned out pretty good. I also did Julia's topper for her.

Shirley and some of the little girlies.
Even though it was kind of a lot for one week. It was so much fun.