Monday, November 9, 2009


Jeremy had a big conference in Boston in mid October and I got to tag along. It was short but fun . We tried to see as much as we could with our time there.
This is the view from our hotel room, it wasn't the Devonshire suite, was it Brent and Nicole,but we had a nice view.

Our first night, we were not prepared for how cold it was, in the forties that night with wind and a little rain, looking for a place to eat.

Boston Gardens was pretty close to our hotel so we walked through these beautiful gardens and headed for the Freedom Trail.

That sun is very deceiving it sure looks like a beautiful day but it was cold unless you were getting direct sunlight, and there are a lot of tall old trees in Boston.

The six of us, Jon, Rachel, Brent, Nicole, Jeremy and I.
Listened in on the tour here and learned some pretty cool history. John Hancock, Ben Franklin are among the founding fathers found here.

Site of the Boston Massacre.

Near Fenniul Hall here.

"Ye old Oyster House" Known as the oldest restaurant in America. Jeremy would tell you he had the worst Boston Baked beans here, they were nothing special. Clam chowder though was very good.

Hey, redcoat what are you doing here still?

Paul Revere

Even the fire stations looks cool.

Our final destination on the Freedom Trail. What.! we're climbing up that thing.

Yeah I think we've started to huff and puff up these stairs, what number are we on 150.. 250.. I lost count.

We made it (barely).

Riding the subways was pretty fun, It reminded Jeremy of Russia and Nicole of Japan.

John and Abigail Adams.

This is the home where he retired. There were some beautiful gardens here.

Where John Adams grew up and then lived after marrying.

Jeremy knocked on the door, lo and behold it opened right up on us, but it wasn't John Adams, merely a surprised security guard locking up.

The great 2nd president of our nation, John Adams.

In Harvard square.

Had to see Fenway Park, Jeremy and Brent were really hoping Boston would have made it a little further in the playoffs, so we could have been there when a game was going on. I'm sure it would have been crazy.

Got out of order, George Washington in the Boston Gardens.

Cool Statue of Ted Williams outside of Fenway Park.

The leaves were all changing it was the perfect time of year, even with the little cold front Boston was having.

Leaving way, way too early Saturday morning with Brent and Nicole.

Was cool to see the sunrise above the clouds though.
Quick short trip to Boston a beautiful city rich with American History.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

We had four fun filled nights of Halloween this year, and Jeremy worked for three of those. Thursday before Halloween I needed to go to the grocery store for milk looked through my ads and saw they were having a family night at the store. We joined the craziness at the store, it was a fun way to kick off our Halloween celebrations.
There was cookie decorating, a cakewalk, mini pumpkin decorating and a few pieces of candy.

Zac was having a good time, but he wanted to get out of the cart.
The kids had a great time but when we got home Taylor started crying because his bucket wasn't filled with candy. He must have been remembering last Halloween and filling his bucket so full, guess I would be disappointed too if I thought those few pieces were it. We all had a good chuckle over his sadness.

At our ward Trunk or Treat. The super heroes with the super villain.

Zachary went through quite a few suckers, he was lovin it.

Taylor and Zachie and I had so much fun at Ella's and Caden's class parties. Taylor just loved the candy. In Caden's class his teach kept asking for parents to help pass stuff out and Tay kept raising his hand that he would pass stuff out. It was so cute. In the end he did pass out some sticks we brought so they could eat their sweet blood they learned about. My battery in the camera died before we got to Caden's class so we just have Ella's party.

Halloween night, Jeremy took our little supers to a few houses in our neighborhood before heading to work.

One of our 4 mini pumpkins we carved, he's eaten someone.
Ella had requested a medium to large pumpkin for carving, after three stores and news that many surrounding stores were also sold out we came home with little pumpkin pie pumpkins. It's fun no matter the size of your pumkin as long as you can pull out some of the guts.

We love to go to Nana and Papas every year and meet up with some cousins. The kids always look forward to trick or treating down their street.

Going through all the loot.

This year after Nana and Papa's we trick or treated Uncle Ken and Aunt Julie. He and Caden had some fun trying on my wig. Lookin good Uncle Ken!

I think we've got cousin IT here.