Monday, February 23, 2009

Operation Hernia...success!

Jeremy's hernia repair was a success. He is now walking tall, with a little help from the percocet. Jeremy before going under could still smile. He was wearing the gown of a 5'4" man and they were going to try to get him to stand up and to give us all a show. Luckily he didn't have to leave them a sample and stand up in his mini gown.
A little loopy from going under but did tons better than the two moaning ladies on either side of him in the recovery room.
Jeremy is doing great a week later and back at work.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Not so perfect pushups.

Last Monday while doing my morning Perfect Pushups (round bases with handles that swivel, navy seals use them so no grief from anyone;) I felt a sharp twinge in the lower abdomen. After work as I started to do another set the twinge became a definite pain. Dismayed to report I am now the proud parent of a bilateral inguinal hernia (not our nickname for Taylor, I wish). Developed/diagnosed hernia Monday. Tuesday at lunch called surgeon. Met him minute later in the OR where sans gloves (he's old school) he diagnosed bilateral hernia. Wednesday placed on the schedule for Monday 16th at Phoenix Baptist. It's good to have some hospital connections. Pain is tolerable but without being too graphic in describing the pain it reminds me of the time I was laying on my bed minding my own business when Caden hit me (in the words of Kung Fu Panda) "In my tenders" with his foam core bat (he didn't get the bat back for a year). Two days after that is how I feel now, kind of a dull ache worse with movement. Low risk surgery so should go without a hitch. I spent a month with the surgeon, guy is very good. Too young for surgery. Gripes.