Sunday, January 27, 2008

I think I post about as often as I write in my journal. Or sometimes I want to post and start writing and erase everything. So this time I think I will follow through with my post. The holidays went well. Always busy and lots of family sometimes too much family. Christmas Day we went to all three sides of the family this year, but it worked. Lots of parties. Taylor was afraid of Santa it was pretty funny. I know I shouldn't laugh at my own kid when he is scared, but I get some amusement from it. Even in the picture he is looking at Santa with some speculation. This was at Jeremy's work party. The snow was also at his work party. I don't know how I got two pics of it on there and not sure how to get it off.

It was a lot of fun over the holidays we loved seeing so much family and having them over for sleepovers and visiting. We had my sister and her kids who stayed with us for a few days after Christmas. We also had our nieces spend the night for one big last hurrah before they moved to Utah. They wanted to try out the pool, I totally wish I knew how to download the video because it is hilarious. All the kids except Taylor joined the polar bear club. Jeremy said the pool was probably colder than it is for the scouts when they do their polar bear swim at Camp Geronimo. Paden was the toughest she jumped in at least three times I think. We had fun with you guys hope your doing well up there in that freezing weather.
The etch a sketch picture is random, after a Christmas party at our house my brother in law sat there for about 15 min. using a picture of Jeremy and I. this is how it turned out, not bad. Someday I'll figure out how to get the pictures in the order I want them.