Monday, February 25, 2008

Taylor turned 2!!!

Taylor turned two years old on February 3rd. He is such a cutie. This boy loves balls. so I had to do a sports theme cake plus it was super bowl Sunday, so we had to have a football on there. Which Taylor wanted to grab off his cake and probably would have tried to throw it.
We just had a small party for him with our family and my brother Brandon and Amber's family. Ella and Caden were so excited. They kept bugging me when was I going to make a cake and how come they couldn't make a cake in their easy bake oven for him. They were busy all day preparing for his birthday finding things they could give and making cards, it was so cute.
Taylor's 2nd love after sports is cars or anything with wheels whether it is a car he rides or an rc car he loves it. He is talking so much now. It is so fun to figure out what he is saying and here his little vocabulary grow. We would always ask Taylor how old he was and he would put up one finger so now he just puts up both fingers, so cute. Taylor and Caden are playing more and more together, They are already wrestling and rough housing at 2 and 5, and Taylor defends himself pretty well. They are quite a funny pair.

Taylor's two favorite things that he has to have are his "pacie" and his blankie. This green blanket I made for his last b-day and he has loved it since. Sometimes we can get him to use a smaller blue one with the same silkie border. At the retreat he had to walk around with his blankie, partially because he kept getting hurt and needed it for comfort, Ella got to follow him and hold it up off the ground so it didn't get muddy. She felt like she was holding up a dress. He is hilarious. We are so glad he is our little guy Ella and Caden love him so much. It's so fun to see how the three of them are growing together.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Baptist Retreat

Ella and Caden were dying to make something, this was over christmas break. I just had to take a picture of her with her fruit pie and recipe. I hadn't gone grocery shopping in a while and this was literally all the fruit we had. Ella didn't like the final result. The grapefruit was just too overpowering. She had me eat all the grapefruit, even then its juice made everything else taste funny. She did a great job and had a fun time making it. Phoenix Baptist has an annual retreat the first weekend in February and families get to come too. We had so much fun up there with everyone. About 20 min. before we left our house to come up Taylor fell off a chair onto tile climbing onto the counter to get "piece" of candy. So he fell on his face and got a huge fat lip, three little teeth marks on the underside of his lip. The picture doesn't do it justice for how bad it was. His pacifier was lopsided the whole time, but he still did great, and loved playing in the snow.
I hung out with some of the kids and did crafts and stuff while all the adults played some games.
Jeremy just finished paintballing. he faired ok , but his hat took a beating from a couple of paintballs. He came and found us playing afterwards.
Marty had all the kids wrapped up in a story about the "children of the light." They LOVED the story. Ella was really worried that rocks and pebbles were going to start sneaking up her. She had to make sure with Marty that it wan't a true story. As soon as they got their glow sticks all fears were forgotten. Caden kept talking about how nice Marty was.

My computer is taking forever to upload the last few images, I am ready to post so I may have to add the other pics later. More of the retreat. We had so much fun playing and getting to know everyone a little better. Thankyou Phoenix Baptist for such a fun time.