Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally blogging again

OK so it has been forever since I blogged. Our laptop crashed in Dec., which had all our pics on it, but Jeremy's good friend Brent was able to retrieve them. Very grateful for friends with computer skills.

This last Sunday we went out to Jeremy's folks for a visit and to pick Ella up after spending the weekend with cousins and at grandparents house. Its getting to be close to time to go when cousins come over to pick up their sister also. So we stay way longer, its hard to get away when so much fun is going on everyone is there and Jeremy and his brothers are playing ball. Even after the extra hour or two we stayed, Taylor is completely upset about leaving and wants to spend the night at grandads and grandmas so he can play with ry ry. Well I tell him we won't be back until Saturday and he would have to ask grandma if he could stay until then. Of course he immediately does and thinks he is staying. problem solved. I guess it wasn't solved when the next thing he knows he's getting stuffed into his car seat, crying that he was going to stay until sat. Grand dad reassures him he'll come out and get he and Ryden to spend the night sometime. he settles down as we drive home and we start talking about what they will do there. The little wheels in his head start spinning, when we tell him he would take a bath over there. He says "NO, I DON'T WANT THEM SEE ME NAKED!" it was hilarious. our modest 4 year old right?everywhere else except for home. He told us he would just take 2 baths at home before he leaves. he is still thinking and planning what he'll bring with him when he does get to spend the night with his cousin at grandma's and grandads.

Pics are from the annual resident retreat at the end of January. Has been a great program going to miss all the stuff they do to include families. I can't believe how old our kids are getting.