Friday, October 29, 2010

A Spooktacular Halloween

Every year our friends, the Smith sisters have a serious Halloween celebration. Jeremy and I were finally in town for this must go to party. We had so much fun dressing up as zombies. Ella and Caden even helped with our shirts.

Our story is Jeremy gets home from work and finds me as a zombie and I have turned him into one before we head out for the night.

We're all getting our groove on. Especially Napoleon!

Oh Yeah you got the moves man!!

Thank you for having such a fun party every year. We were so glad we could come this year.

Three of the Smith sisters and Baseball player Tara getting down.

That's right, we were the popcorn hopping, twirling, balancing popcorn on our heads relay champions of the night.

Jeremy was a twirler with his plate of popcorn.

Zombie Jeremy next to a couple of the Chilean miners.

Edward a.k.a.Mark has to balance his popcorn on his head as we work to fill our pumpkin first.

I know these all go backwards. This is our group anxiously awaiting to learn how we bring our plate of popcorn, hopping, skipping to the pumpkin. Lovin all those good looking Zombies and costumes.

Jen and Marshall made the best Napoleon and Kip. Jeremy was a pretty Scary Zombie but Nicole's Zombie complexion wins. Lookin good Nicole.

Bella aka Tiffany, Nicole, and I taking a break after dancing to Thriller.

All of us Zombies who were brave enough to be in our version of Thriller.
It was so fun to dress up with Jeremy and go to such a great halloween party. Jeremy even put on a little makeup. This is how we looked before our makeup got wiped off . The kids loved my hair.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Old swim Pics

Found this picture in a draft that I never published. Swim team is so hot but it is fun, especially last season with little Taylor pumping along this huge lap pool for 25 yrds. I like how Ella and Caden are looking on in this as Tay is getting ready to jump in for the relay. the 6 and unders were so cute.

Jeremy's Gradutation

The kids were at the bar all night getting soda after soda. At the end of the night the bar tender made them shirley temples and ella is wondering where hers is. They loved daddy's graduation.

June 26
Jeremy had his Family Practice Gradutation in June. It was so fun and seemed like there were so many activities leading to this event. So much hard work and now he gets to reap the benefits of it right? yeah just until he starts in another residency. Go Derm.

Phoenix Bapist was such a great program for our family. Jeremy made such good friends with his fellow residents. While the kids and I felt welcome and like a part of everything even at graduation when we and Jeremy's folks were invited on the stage to be recognized as Jeremy's supporters in getting him through the grueling years of training.

We love you Jeremy and are so proud of you!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

San Diego with friends and family

We were so lucky to get to go to San Diego this summer with the Brizzee's.
The Kids had so much fun. Ryan and Julie came over and stayed nearby for a night and we all went to sea world together.

These boys big and small had so much fun boogie boarding.

Taylor and Paige became fast friends and loved playing together.

These sea lions were so loud. It was fun watching them.

We sat in the wet section for Shamu, but don't be fooled by Caden's soaked clothes, We rode the most horrible water ride that just soaks everyone. We were soaked the rest of the day and it was pretty cool out, poor Caden his jeans never dried out. Ella changed out of her jeans and used my sweater as a skirt, looks pretty cute. Taylor was the only smart one and just watched from the bridge above with Aunt Julie.

Taylor posing for me, never got a chance to throw it in. just outside of the camera frame a seagull is swooping down to steal his fish. He was so sad.

They all loved touching the bat rays.

Outside of the condo we rented in Encinatas.

We had so much fun staying with the Brizzees at the beach. We even got to see The Mathews and Banks. So glad they came down for the afternoon. It was such a fun vacatioin. We were so glad we could share it with so many people and most especially without Zac. That is really what made it a vacation for us, not having to worry about Zac hurting anyone or anything.

Dillon, Caden , and Logan, boogie boarding. These boys had so much fun playing together.

Jenny it was so fun to see you with our families and again for our girls weekend.

Thanks Nicole for letting me borrow your tele photo lens. I literally took hundreds of pictures on the beach. It was hard for me to decide which ones to put up.