Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mommy Makeover

I kind of messed up this image I was trying to move it and ended up stretching it a little. these were after the makeover if you can't tell.

It's Sunday afternoon, Jeremy is on call and Taylor was just put down for a nap. Ella, Caden, and I have a good 2-3 hours to our selves. I am just coming down the stairs and Ella asks if we can play makeup. This usually consists of thick layers of lipstick and sometimes nail polish, I stall for time. Do I really want to "play makeup"? Ella, "Please mom your the only other girl in the house , so I can only play with you." Ok so how am i suppose to refuse that and still have a clear conscience. She has a good point. So I finally agree to "play makeup" and now caden wants to join in.

Ella; No Caden I am doing mom's makeup.

Caden: No, I could do her Hair.

Ella: good Idea

Ella proceeds to pull out all her lip gloss and lip stick, talking to me about what other 'patients' like , so what would I like.

I tell her she is the makeup artist and she grins and tries out a few different colors.

Ella: Hey Caden, How does this lipstick look with mom's skin.

Caden; good

she tried a new color, got some out side of my lips and on my teeth,

Caden: laughs, "you look like a clown"

Ella dabs it off of my face and does her best to get it off my face.

Caden ran upstairs to find a brush and he grabbed two bottles of spray gel. He asked me which I would prefer, one bottle was the real stuff the other filled with water. I choose the water filled bottle. Caden douses my hair with the "gel" and as he brushes says, "this is going to be so pretty." Later he sighs and says, "How do you get it straight?"

Caden finishes my hair and asks if I know where some lotion is.

Ella: Oh yeah you get a free massage, all our patients are so excited when they find out they get a free massage. they are like(she fans her face and in a high pitch voice) "A FREE MASSAGE!!!!

they do, they freak out." I love how her imaginary 'patients' get so excited about a free massage.

Ella and Caden proceed to paint my nails Caden does my toes and Ella my fingernails.

the makeover is complete, lots of glitter, sticky eyeliner from her makeup kit, and I lost track of how many coats of lip stick and lip gloss , and the cherry on top is the nail polish that covers not only mynails but the surrounding skin as well. And Caden wanted to make a pattern he says so he does a different color on each foot. The mommy makeover is finally complete. Why would I wnat to pass up something like this? We had a fun afternoon and Ella couldn't wait to show off her mad makeup artist skills to Jeremy when he got home. I am just hoping I don't have a major breakout because of the little kid makeup.