Friday, July 18, 2008

I Can't Believe It's Already Been Ten Years

Today Jeremy and I have been married for ten years. It doesn't seem like it has even been close to that long and sometimes it seems like we've always been together. I absolutely love being married to my best friend. I can't wait to see what unfolds in the next ten years of our life together.

Ten things I love about being married to Jeremy:
1. Family is always first we love having him here and home is where he loves to be.
2. He is hilarious, he is always making us laugh and taking advantage of funny situations so we all laugh even harder.
3. He loves me so much, he knows I need a little girls only time, so he encouraged me to go on my girls trip last weekend and he took tremendous care of the kids while I was gone. They love a little daddy time too.
4.He is such a good Daddy and wants the best for our kids, while still wanting them to be well rounded ,hard workers and respectful, which has kind of become our motto.
5. He supports what I do at home as a stay at home mom. He comes home and helps me with cleaning and even cooking sometimes but most especially time with the kids.
6. I especially love that he takes time out for just us. Spring and summer before our first anniversary Jeremy took on a second job delivering pizza,on top of school and our cleaning gig. The money from that job was specifically set aside for a trip to Hawaii celebrating our first anniversary. It was so fun being able to look forward to that trip and plan for it. Since then we take advantage of opportunities to go on vacation and do things for just us whenever we can.
7. He has always been a good example, to me, our kids, and siblings. He is so strong spiritually, smart economically and so many other qualities.

8. I love that we both have common goals for short term and long term. We ultimately want to live good lives as well as those who we love so we can always be together.
9. I love that after he graduated with a degree in a education, he realized he wanted more and wasn't afraid to go back to school and do medicine. Last night he pointed out that five of our married years have been in medical school and then internship. It can only get better from there.
10. I love that Jeremy makes me feel good about what I do and He makes me want to do and be better and continue to grow and learn.
I love this wonderful man that I married ten years ago. I love being with you and knowing you are always there for us Jeremy.

I am so grateful for these last ten years and feel we have definitely made the best of it and enjoyed life as our beautiful family continues to grow. Love you Jeremy, Happy Anniversary!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Update

Performance day for Ella's little dance class all these girls were so fun and cute to have over everyday the last couple of weeks.

Deer Valley girls up at Camp Lo Mia and us cabin moms

This summer has seemed to fly. There was only a couple of days at the beginning before summer classes started that kind of dragged on. Once June hit we have been busy. Jeremy started out June with a week off we just stayed home and tried to do something fun each day. It was just nice having a little down time with Daddy at home with us. His schedule has been pretty good since vacation week so we are just enjoying it while it lasts.
I went up to girls camp mid June. Jeremy and my sister Valerie and my brother Morgan all watched the kids while I was away. Thankyou so much you guys. I had a lot of fun with the girls and other leaders up there.

During the week I was gone Ella took a Broadway musical dance class out in Mesa. She stayed with her Aunt and unlce Ryan and Julie. Julie took such good care of her while she was out there and Ella had a fun time staying with her cousins, even if she did get a little homesick in the end. Also while in Mesa a little girl down the street from Ryan and Julie was teaching a gymnastics class to little girls. Ella realized she could do the same thing and teach her own class with something that she knew how to do. She finally talked me into a class after I thought about it and realized it could be a really good experience for her. Of course she was excited at the propect of earning money. Ella handed out fliers to kids in Caden's preschool and girls at church. Today was the last day of her two week class and the girls performed for an audience, parents and some grandparents, today. It was so cute they did such a good job. I am going to try to upload some video sometime next week from both Ella's performance and Ella's class. They all seemed to have a lot of fun.
Hopefully I can get video and more pictures up soon. We have had lots of fun this summer so far and more to come.