Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Caden's first lost teeth

Caden woke up this morning with out his second bottom tooth. He lost his first tooth on Saturday. Last night it was hanging on by a thread, so we are going to look for it in his room since it fell out during his sleep. He is talking with a little lisp since both teeth are gone now. He is doing really well in school, he also take an arts and crafts class on t&th, since preschool in only three days a week.

Ella is reading more and more. I am going to have to start going to the library with her. The books that she gets from her classroom are way too easy for her. Ella still asks to go swimming even though the water has been in the 70s lately, that is too cold for me, even after mowing the lawn yesterday. The weather has been so nice lately, we have been going to the park a lot lately.

Taylor is getting cuter everyday. He is talking more each day. Not that I understand it, but it's really cute. When you ask how old he is he holds his finger out and it looks adorable. He loves looking at his animal board books. I can't believe how long it entertains him.

Ella and Caden have been riding bikes and scooters with the neighbor kids. They are loving having other kids they can go and play with.

Jeremy's schedule has been horrible. This month he has been doing ob. This weekend we hardly saw him. He worked about 30 hours straight sat to sun. Then got home and slept until six or so. then had to go to bed early so he could wake up at 4 am. I'll be glad when this rotation is over, as will he.

Ok so I connected my camera and found the pictures, but when I try to look for them in blogger I don't know where to look. so Maybe Jeremy and I can figure it out later.

Hopefully soon I will have picture up.