Thursday, February 23, 2012

 This was our vacation last summer in a nutshell. Started the day after Jeremy got back from Sierra Vista. The family went up to meet Jeremy's RV neighbors performing in the Grand Canyon. Cowboy Woodie and Cleda Jane. We loved their show and the gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon.

 We stopped in on the Jensens' on our way to Kallee's house. It was so fun to see everyone even if they were short visits.
 In Pocatello to visit the Brizzee's. The kids had such a great time playing together.

 The boys even got into the dress-up closet in Paige's room. One of the few shots that we have where they are not running from the camera.

 Next we stopped in Jerome and visited  the Bingham family on my side. Always love seeing Bingham aunt and uncle and cousins. Its so beautiful there.

 Jeremy left to boise before the rest of us for his rotation. We stopped in on my aunt Kathleen and fam. Enjoyed dinner and a movie. Ella is showing my cousin how to make a star from paper.

 We even got to spend a couple of nights with Jeremy in his hotel before heading back to Utah.
 We went to the Boise Zoo and saw the Temple while there
 Our last stop was to my sister Stacy's house. Kids and I had so much fun with their cousins playing legos and going to the discovery place and swimming. Kids even enjoyed pretending stacy and I were on the news.

Even though there was a lot of stops and driving we had so much fun seeing good friends and family at every stop. Thanks everyone for having us and showing us such a great time. We love you all.