Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer update

My last post was going to be a two parter, because Jeremy surprised me again for mother's day and got me tickets to the Glee concert that was here. It was so much fun, even if Jeremy isn't the gleek that I am, He still had a good time. It has been a long time since we've been to a concert it was really cool and totally awesome of Jeremy to think of getting me something so different from what our normal dates are.
Also back in April, I'll have to add pictures sometime, We went to Vancouver for a family medicine conference and we both participated in a talk. While we were there we were able to go to a little place where Jeremy's Grandma was born called Lasquiti Island off of Vancouver Island. Jeremy's parents came along with Bro- in law Ryan and Julie. We had so much fun exploring the island and all the places where Grandma lived in her childhood. It is such a beautiful place and we can see why grandma loved it so much, and now we know that our Az forests are thin and sparse compared with the dense trees all over the island and also in Vancouver. It was so beautiful there. We were also able to go through the Vancouver temple for the open house. that was a cool experience as well. Our talk went well too.
In May we took a little impromptu getaway down to Safford, Thatcher, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to take the kids to the Gila Valley Temple open house. We went down there With SIL, Tara and Chad and their family. That was really cool to share the experience with the kids. Ella and Caden thought it was pretty neat, although Taylor's favorite part was swimming in the indoor pool with his cousins.
In June we had the opportunity to go to San Diego. We met some friends Dave and Amy over there and got together with some other friends from Med school too. It was so fun to play with my new camera at the beach, I literally took hundreds of pictures on the beach. I'll have to try and narrow it down to a few of my favorites when I post pictures.
Since then it has been swim team or cousins and now Ella is teaching her 3rd annual dance class, after learning the songs and choreography in Mesa, staying with Ryan and Julie. She is doing so well, this class I have been real hands off and on Friday when I had made one too many suggestions I guess, Ella said, "I know Mom, you can sit down now." My aunt happened to be there watching so I said to her, Oh guess I'm dismissed." We both chuckled. Can't believe how well Ella handles her class. She really does a great job. She knows its a lot of work to teach them, and she is always proud of them and surprised by how well they know it when it comes to the final performance. I'm proud of Ella too, its a good responsibility for her to have. All Caden sees are dollar signs, every summer he asks if he can teach a class too. Maybe some day son.