Saturday, May 29, 2010

Skull Valley, Our final Farewell

So many good memories of this place. I have early childhood memories of coming up to Skull Valley. My grandpa, dad, and uncles would come up often to work on my grandpas house which was up the hill. That was sad when it was sold about 10 years ago. But we had Grandma Anna Mae still living up here to keep us connected to Skull Valley.This was so sad because our little piece of Family history in Skull Valley isn't ours anymore. This is My great grandma Anna Mae's house. I think she lived in this house for about 35 years or so before moving down to Glendale to be closer to family as she got older.
The home had been taken care of for several years before going up for sale. Sold in April. We took the opportunity to go up during our spring break one final time.

Smashing coins on the tracks. We always love to smash em and try to find all of them.

Out in the orchard. Zachary loved the freedom of roaming.
Great grandpa's wall of tools.
Out Geo caching. just before heading into Prescott turned off the road and found this beautiful place. Saw so much because of geocaching.

Metal Detecting behind Grandma's house.

The Kids thought it was great they could get lost in the backyard.
Loved climbing this huge cottonwood.

Our very first geo-cache ever. Little trinkets in a weatherproof container and a log book. Fun to find with our new hiking GPS.
Taylor pointed this one out for us when we had a hard time pinpointing it.
We will all miss this place. I know it was such a happy place for myself, Jeremy, our kids and for so many members of my family. I'm glad we got to go up here for as long as we did, but it will surely be missed. It will be a wonderful memory when we drive through Skull Valley in the future.

Field Day

I have been wanting to add field day to our blog for a while now. It turned out to be pretty chilly, it was March 11 this year. I think Ella had her jacket on until after lunch.
THe little brothers had fun watching Ella and Caden. Although Zachary was a little upset that I wouldn't let him out of the stroller, especially if he saw a ball.
Even Daddy got to go down in the afternoon.

Ellas favorite event, the sack race, she was seriously bounding out there.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Zachary, our little . . . blessing

He is so sweet in these pictures thank goodness they are start out so cute because this one has given us new insight with little busy boys.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end for me. I put Zac down for a nap like I normally do, then set out to get some work done, because its impossible to get anything done when he is awake. I heard him after awhile and hoped he would lay down and go to sleep. Before long Taylor his friend Andrew, and Zachary come skipping into the backyard. I was totally taken aback I asked Taylor how Zac got out. Because I figured and he and his friend must have gone upstairs when he started screaming and done a little team work to get the boy out. Taylor proceeded to tell me " he was just crying then climbed out and came downstraiwrs." I forgot that couple of weeks ago he was nearly climbing out of his crib. yesterday was my DOOMSDAY.
He figured it out. 18 months old climbs out of his crib, he is screaming at his locked bedroom door for his nap as I write this. He has to be contained. Last night after several attempts to get him to go to bed usually around 8:00, we brought him upstairs with us at 11;30 put his mattress on the floor then the rail back on, thinking surely this will be too much for him to climb over. (On a side note since he went to bed so late last night I though I was going to get to sleep in a little, nope 6:30 bright and early.) This morning after just a little crying I hear a thud. Poor kid it really was high. He just uses his sticky little feet to climb up and over. Be careful Zachie I love you.
What else is that boy doing other than climbing out of his crib, he climbs on the table, pulls chairs off the rug which are not at our dining table,but prefers if they are on the tile so he can just push the chair closer to the counter, sometimes he uses the oven door to get up but he has burned his fingers so the chair is his preferred method. sometimes I just put him in his highchair while I make dinner. He also loves toothpaste and toothbrushes. We often can't find either when we go to brush our teeth. our bathroom counter is full of his footprints and we now use our TV stand as our bathroom counter, not sure where we'll turn when he learns to get to that stuff too.
Life with our little Zachary is never dull. He drives me crazy and melts my heart several times each day.