Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Disneyland April 2008

April was a pretty fun and busy month. Jeremy had a good schedule with his rotation plus a week of vacation. Jeremy and I had been planning a trip to California and told the kids we were going to go visit our friends Marc and Katya and go to the beach.

They loved getting reacquainted with the Parker kids and had a ton of fun playing in their backyard. We always love getting together with you guys, we had a great Sunday afternoon at your beautiful home.
After leaving the Parker's and heading to the hotel, Ella noticed quite a few Disney land signs. while Jeremy was checking in she asked "Why are there all these Disneyland signs?" She knew it was close and started begging to go there while we were here. We finally told them once unpacked that this was a Disneyland trip. They were so excited, they of course had a hard time getting to sleep.
Taylor fell asleep each day, but this ride he stayed dead asleep the entire time and once back into the stroller continued his nap.
Caden loved feeling some control over the rocket being able to make the rocket go up and down.

Our first visit to California Adventures.
We met the lovely Snow White and a very cute little dwarf in the window.
You would never believe it, but California Screamin' was Ella's favorite ride between the two parks. She must have been able to go on it at least 7 or 8 times between Jeremy and I using fast passes and the rider switch pass. She even went on the Hollywood tower of Terror. She didn't love it like a Roller Coaster, I didn't even end up doing that one. She wanted to try everything.
Taking a little lunch break.
Caden and Taylor loved the Bug's life kids area. Caden even met Flik and got his autograph while we were there.

Taylor finally stood on his toes so that he was tall enough to go on these little bumper cars. He loved helping daddy drive.
Ella and I waited a long time in line to meet the princesses. The boys caught up to us just before it was our turn. Good timing. Taylor was way cute for the pics. We met Ariel first, and he wouldn't get in any of the pictures with her. After Ella and Caden walked away from their pics, he went up to Ariel and took off his hat for the picture. What a little gentleman.

Disneyland really does have something magical about it that California Adventures just doesn't have, maybe the next generation will feel differently.We loved surprising the kids and spending a few days at the theme parks. Ella of course loved all the roller coasters, and Jeremy and I loved having a partner to ride with. Caden's favorite was Star Tours, he told everyone about it once back home. Taylor, can't tell what his favorite was, he didn't like Pirates of the Caribbean. He started crying when the skull started talking, poor little guy.
We had so much fun on our vacation.


Easter after church before the hunt.
We celebrated Easter Sunday with my Dad's side of the fam. It was fun getting together with everyone. My Aunt Julie told the kids she would race them. They loved it, and she lasted for quite a while. looking forward to next years race.
This was our egg hunt at my dad and step mom's house. The kids had a lot of fun, and didn't want to eat dinner after finding eggs.

Taylor took a break and did some putting.

This was the hunt back at our house after hunting at Nana and Papa's. Daddy was post call so we didn't wake him up until around 5:00 or so, then he joined us for the final hunt of the day.

Cute Spring Break pics

this one's from easter, but the rest we took over spring break for fun ,these are some of the cutest ones.

Jeremy and his brothers and couple of brother in laws(one not pictured)played in a basketball league and won the tournament. Jeremy played when he could and made the trek out to Mesa, it was a fun time.

THis is Taylor with my youngest sister Becca, we had a fun time with her over the break. Ella loves to hang out with her aunt Becca.

Taylor wa kept happy with lots of jellybeans, he of course wanted to take off the tux jacket, but I just had to take some photos of him in it before he totally outgrows it. I couldn't find the pants that go with it.

T-ball and Field Day

Ella's Field Day was in March, but I don't think I put up any pictures. Caden was upset a lot of the time because he was only allowed to participate in a couple of events. For him it was pretty boring since it was just watching Ella's class the whole time. One of the class favorites was the pizza box relay. It was a fun day and Caden can't wait until next years field day.

Swing away. Caden started T-ball in March and loves having games, mostly for the snacks after the game :). The whole team is getting better at paying attention, they are hilarious to watch. Sometimes they are in outfield just spinning around, you get one kid started and then it has a Domino affect on the whole team until the coach puts a stop to all the shenanigans. Now the team does pretty good paying attention to the ball and throwing it in the right direction. Caden loves to show off how far he can throw, once he was at the pitchers mound and threw it over the fence behind home plate. He looked a little sheepish after, it was funny.
Team picture. Taylor gets into the games too, we drive by the field and he'll say 'Cade game' pointing towards it. Its been fun, only five games left.