Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Seniors and Seniority

18 May 2011
Last night I was finally able to move my trailer to the spot I have been waiting for since I got here (the pleasant alternative couple from California finally moved). There are some great shade trees and remarkably the WiFi works a little better (though it’s actually a little further from the clubhouse). The move comes none too soon as I recently returned home and the ants had nearly carried off my entire box of Golden Grahams. I took a little heat from Jill who didn’t appreciate me wasting her favorite cereal, but seriously blame the ants, not me. I’m hoping they don’t realize I’ve moved. Unfortunately the trailer is tilted quite a bit and the levelers underneath are missing. I may have to move or reposition (almost rolled off the bed last night). The constant flux of people doesn’t always work out in my favor though. The last week or so there has been a new senior couple tying up the clubhouse and its TV (pretty sure they’re not watching the NBA playoffs) and they apparently didn’t get the memo that the clubhouse has been my personal office. It has been a good spot to get a little studying in and keeps me from getting cabin fever. I would hate to pull rank on them (“you’re new around here Pops so I’m gonna cut you a little slack”) but I’m positive my 7 weeks here easily outranks them. Probably better off not starting a trailer park turf war though (plus I’m pretty sure they’re in bed by 7:30 anyway).


Jill said...

The only reason you got any heat at all was because it took the ants at least two weeks if not longer to find that box of cereal. In which time you had come home for at least a couple of weekends and brought other food home, why not the cereal too. That's all I was saying love. Or maybe I'm just starting to go a little crazy here at home and I need my Golden Grahams.

Tara Diaz Nelson said...

Wow.... Trying to pull Senority already.... I say it's a no go... Take it from someone who knows... Start with the nice easy approach. heee Lol. Like you or Jill would ever not be nice first!
Good luck this week.

Peck Family said...


loved this post made me chuckle